Here at TecHome we integrate technology into homes and workplaces. Offering a skilled and trained approach of home integrated technology. We focus on the ever growing market of tech in homes, easier use of tech, the cleaner finish of home electronics, providing a healthy air flow environment and home security that puts you in control. We are constantly adapting with future home requirements.


We offer a range of services from Security, Home Entertainment, Home Communications, Smart Home Wiring, New Build Wiring, Home Ventilation & everything in between. Ask how we can help with your next project. 




When people see and hear the term smart home, they think of WiFi device's and bad range.

Making a bad impression on what it's supposed to be about.

The term smart home and home automation have been used more and more. What is it? In a nutshell, it's a way to easily control your home using tech devices and equipment built into the home. These tech devices have commonly been known to be controlled via a tablet or smart phone. However this is not always the case, with systems made with independent home controls or even using similar switchgear to the existing ones.

There are a range of products available from door bells, light fittings, TVs, curtains, kettles, home heating, home cooling and much more. The easiest way retailers marketed "smart home" products was to make them only controllable over WiFi or Zwave. This has been known to be unreliable.

Not all smart home tech is wireless and we believe if it isn't portable it shouldn't be connected wirelessly. In our experience wireless tech has its drawbacks with problems in connectivity, configuration, range and reliability.



To make a home energy efficient it requires more than just one product. A combination of insulation, heating, electrical products, plumbing products, ventilation and building materials are required to make a true energy efficient building.

Theses products have to work together to benefit each products efficient task. For example; losing heat created out of non insulated walls and ceilings would be a pointless waste.

At TecHome Electrical we focus on energy power savings. With technology that cuts out the waste in our extra low volt tasks in the home (LED lighting and USB charging).

Currently commonly used low volt products convert the power down at every fitting and in this process there is waste created.


Our product keeps the voltage at the required level, cutting out this energy waste. With also having energy storage, giving an option of on grid back up or the option of solar storage.

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