ventilation insallation



Ventilation in the home is a crucial requirement, extracting unwanted moisture from bathrooms, kitchens, wash houses and other wet areas helps keep the home dryer.

Other types of ventilation can be ventilation units such as, HRV, Smart Vent, DVS, etc. This ventilation does a similar job to opening the doors and windows of your house, to air it out for the day. These units are handy to have, helping keeping on top of excess damp air in the home.

True heat recovery units are the best type of home ventilation. These units not only bring in fresh dry air but also recover the homes heat, through a heat recovery core using the true heat recovery process.

The unit recycles warm air in the home and at the same time brings in fresh dry air, while also extracting damp air out of the house. This process allows an energy efficient less waste approach to ventilation.

Other optional extras are available 
-Heat transfer kits, to move hot air to other rooms in the house.
-Smart home control.